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The Podcasts A Sorare Manager Must Listen To

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Ready to start building a Sorare club? Not sure where to start? Starting out on Sorare you will notice there is a wealth of information at your fingertips, after all Sorare is the global fantasy football game! In this blog we pick out the podcasts that can help you along your Sorare journey.

We've hand picked these podcasts as the cream of the crop. Have a listen and let us know what you think!

Podcast #1: The Sorare Podcast: A Global Fantasy Football Game

Podcast #2: So Far, So Rare

Podcast #3: Sorare Data Podcast


Podcast #1: The Sorare Podcast: A Global Fantasy Football Game

The Sorare Podcast is the longest running podcast specifically aimed towards Sorare managers. It is hosted by Hibee & YNWA who are often accompanied by guests ranging from Sorare managers to others in the crypto space and beyond.

The Sorare Podcast is a great starting point to find out the latest goings on in the world of Sorare. YNWA possesses a gallery to make your mouth water, with many strong 'unique' and first edition cards. Hibee also has a sizeable gallery, once stacked with Alexander Nübel cards!

The podcast often ventures towards speculation on future developments for the Sorare platform so listening each week can really inform your own strategy to help you build your Sorare collection. Hibee and YNWA often discuss their thinking in the secondary market and when playing S05 you'll often see YNWA at the top of weekly leaderboards.

Suggested for: New Sorare managers, NFT & crypto enthusiasts

Listen here:

Our Sorare Strategy Guide also provides some useful tips for budding Sorare managers.

Podcast #2: So Far, So Rare

Hosted by serial affiliate John Nellis, this podcast provides light hearted discussion about the latest events in the world of Sorare. John recently left his Irish home comforts to venture to Barcelona where he watched some of the Sorare cards he owns play in real life and met up with other Sorare managers! This was a great example of how NFTs can enable real world connections.

One to listen to in your AirPods if the children are around, John's passion for the platform sometimes spills over into various entertaining rants about the likes of Daniel Parejo and Wesley. John is committed to being engaged with the community, using his Twitter to invite questions from listeners and discussing the most popular points raised. This can provide a very useful interactive experience for new Sorare mangers to voice their opinions. The '137 game' creates more entertainment as the weekly guest attempts to choose two players who's scores will combine to 137 in the upcoming game week. Why 137? It's because the show is sponsored by ONE37pm.

Suggested for: New Sorare managers, Hardcore football fans

Listen here:

Podcast #3: Sorare Data Podcast

Originally hosted by Andrew Black and Andrew Laird, the Sorare Data podcast brings a US perspective to the global game of Sorare. The duo combine perfectly to bring a balanced view of the latest goings on in the world of Sorare. Laird's amusing pessimism about his own Sorare decisions and Black's bullish enthusiasm for the platform makes this one a really enjoyable listen. The duo also stream the podcast live to YouTube if you want to put faces to their voices!

Sorare Data have recently announced that Laird will be joined by Sean Newsham for a regular YouTube live strategy review show 10am ET/4pm CET on Fridays. This could be really handy for Sorare managers to discuss line ups ahead of the imminent game week deadline and hopefully flag up a few DNPs! Sean (psufans2 on Sorare) can certainly be classed as a whale with a gallery worth over 275 ETH and having won rewards totalling over a mind boggling 75 ETH! Listening to this podcast will certainly give you some strategy insight into his success on the platform.

Suggested for: Global football fans, S05 Tacticians

Listen here:

Thanks for reading our blog! Have we missed any Sorare podcasts you listen to? Let us know!

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