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Throwing Sorare Into The Mix

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Heard of the marketing mix? In a nutshell it's a business model that can guide sellers about how to most effectively bring their offerings to market. We draw on the 4 core aspects of marketing, that all happen to begin with 'P' (Product, Price, Promotion, and Place) to consider how these could be applied in the context of everyone's new favourite hobby; trading on Sorare!


"When the product is right, you don’t have to be a great Marketer." Lee Lacocca

Buying good cards is fundamental to your Sorare success as this determines what you are able to sell in the future (should you ever plan on selling!). Your cards are your products, representing your real life players and it's highly unlikely you'll be able to have any real world impact on the quality or output of your player in real life (unless you are Martin Vandervoort holding a Martin Vandervoort card!). So you need to focus on what you can influence here - the card's XP. Do not underestimate the importance of training your players effectively on Sorare. As entrants numbers to S05 leagues sky rocket, not only can XP be a decisive factor for that elusive podium finish, but it also provides an increasingly relevant factor to managers decisions when buying from the market. Buying managers' appetite to pay a premium for higher XP cards is only likely to grow over time.

Key tip: Train your cards effectively to maximise their XP


"The big money is not in the buying or the selling, but in the waiting." Charlie Munger

Timing is everything when it comes to considering buying and selling price. Picking up out of form or injured players when their price is below true market value is the easy bit, but maximising your return from the sale is where the real skill comes in. It's a delicate balance, remember only one person sells at the absolute peak so it comes down to the opportunity cost of taking that ETH now and strengthening elsewhere vs the benefit of holding on to that player a little longer. That benefit could be from the increased rewards yield from entering the card in your line ups, or from the players market value increasing over the coming weeks. There is no magic formula to solve this conundrum, it's extremely gallery dependent and obviously luck plays it part as well. You could decide to hold and the player snaps his ACL in tomorrow's training session. Or, you could sell and the player's direct rival for the starting position has the same injury! The key is to make strong logic based decisions at that moment in time.

Sorare Data can be a very useful indicator as to the 'going rate' for your card. It's also worth looking at what other cards of this player are currently on the market. Sometimes if the selling side for a particular player feels a bit saturated there's nothing wrong with planning to wait for a better opportunity and sell at a later date. For instance, buyers sometimes panic and pay over the odds when there is only one of a rare card on the market. You also want to try and sell when demand is high and buy when demand is low, which can sometimes go against initial instincts.

Key tip: Plan the timing of your listings effectively


“We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.” Erik Qualman

There are lots of cost effective options here to try and put your card in front of interested buyers. Social media provides an excellent reach opportunity, depending on the following of the accounts you have access to. Obviously, if you use Twitter there isn't much point in tweeting your sale on a private personal account if it only has a handful of Sorare users. Consider creating a new account, specifically about Sorare, to engage with and build a Sorare focussed following and don’t forget to use #Sorare in your posts. Our Twitter account @Sorare_Stack will be happy to give you a retweet to help you get going! The strength of using Social Media is that a lot of reach can be achieved with zero costs and you also have the option of paid ads and giveaways to try and drive momentum. Of course, how effective this strategy is would depend on the values of the cards you are selling and Return on Investment (ROI) can often be tricky to calculate accurately.

Key tip: Engage with social media


“People spend money when and where they feel good.” Walt Disney When it comes to placement your options are fairly limited here. The Sorare secondary market is the default and most logical option. Although Sorare have recently made it possible to withdraw your card to your own wallet, providing you with the opportunity to list your card on other market places, such as OpenSea. However, this does mean you face the associated gas fees with the transfer, meaning it would be pretty crazy to do this with a bog standard limited card. This could be a viable path to market for well known players with low mints, or possibly more so ones with no current S05 utility, Maradona for example. Remember, if utility is added in future there will be costs to return them to your Sorare wallet.

Key tip: Think carefully before transferring cards off the Sorare platform.

Ultimately, selling Sorare cards effectively is a skill that you will develop over time. The key is not to get too downhearted when you sell a card too cheap. Just put it down to experience and learn from it. Nobody scores 100% on their trading history, it's all about getting those good decisions to outnumber the bad ones as much as possible!

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