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3 Tips for Starting your Sorare journey

You've seen all the #Sorare posts, watched the #SorareOnTour videos and are excited to build your very first Sorare team to compete in S05 (the Sorare fantasy football game). You're faced with the choice of Limited, Rare, Super Rare or Unique scarcities (depending on your budget!) and several thousands of players from across the globe to choose five players that could lead your team to that Mbappe card win. So where do you Start?


The 3 tips we have put together will walk you through some of the fundamentals of Sorare and highlight common mistakes so that you can avoid them. You will make mistakes, embrace them and learn from them. Sometimes they even work out for the best in the end! 



Ferguson and Queiroz
Arsenal transfers.jpg


Tip #1  

Work your way up to the top Luton Town style!

Draft a free amateur team and build an understanding of player scoring.

It's easy right? Pick 5 players; 1 goalkeeper, 1 defender, 1 midfielder, 1 forward, and 1 extra outfield player. To be a successful Sorare manager you'll need to think a bit deeper! Starting out in the free-to-play amateur leagues will give you insight into the basics of the game. Are you an EPL hardcore fan or a Bundesliga boffin? It goes without saying that you'll also be able to benefit from the knowledge of your favourite league!


The amateur leagues are the ideal way to learn about the importance of clean sheets for goalkeepers and the significance of decisive actions (goals, assists or even penalty wins) to forwards, especially those that don't get involved in build-up play much. You'll also need to understand the different scarcities of the cards you can buy. Here's a breakdown of the maximum amount of each scarcity that can be minted by Sorare each season:

Limited - 1000

Rare - 100

Super Rare - 10

Unique - 1

Ready to start your Sorare journey?

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Tip #2  

Scout like prime Wenger.

Purchase logically and plan ahead.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when starting out is to dive into the transfer market and start randomly purchasing cards of players you know or like. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you need to work smarter. Those Nicolas Anelkas hiding in the PSG reserves are out there waiting to be found!  

Which division are you going to enter? The CAP 240 divisions would be a logical starting point if you have the budget for a full team of cards within your target scarcity. In CAP 240 if you can score 280 points or more with a team whose last 15 average score is 240 or less then you can win cash rewards. Here's the breakdown for the different scarcities:


Cap 240 Threshold Rewards:

Limited: $5
Rare: $50

Super Rare: $200

Unique: $500

There are many examples of people scouting teams for relatively low budgets and quickly returning their investments focusing on these thresholds. Hitting these consistently is a great way to build up a transfer budget to make new signings. If you're not looking to trade fluidly on a weekly basis, the optimal strategy to be successful in CAP240 is holding multiple options for each position within your starting teams, so factor this into choosing your target scarcity. If you're aiming for card wins and the bigger cash prizes higher up divisions, rather than just thresholds, remember to factor in the greater supply of Limited cards means very competitive divisions and downward price pressure can be greater for out of favour cards. 

Ultimately, league selection is very much manager dependent. You might be an expert on the K-league or only follow the MLS, but make sure your initial card selection doesn't cause selection headaches further down the line. Consider how different leagues are scheduled. You don't want to start out in mid December with a Red Bull Salzburg defensive stack and three Eredivisie attackers when the Austrian Bundesliga is on a two month winter break! The flip side being that you can usually obtain better value in the transfer market during the offseason for players in an off-season.

Tip #3 

Sign the Queiroz to your Ferguson.

Sorare Data is the best assistant manager you'll ever have.

Top Sorare managers consider lots of factors when picking their S05 teams. Which players are in form? Who scores consistently? What about fixture difficulty? Is there a rotation risk? Should I play players from the same team? (known as stacking). Luckily we know someone who is available to help you with all of these! 

Sorare Data is a website separate from Sorare with a free 2-week trial. You can log in with your Sorare account. After you've logged in you can get an approximate valuation for you gallery and use various tools to gain a deeper understanding of player scoring. Let's look at how Sorare Data's tools can help you manage your team more effectively...

Which players are in form?

Sorare Data's Lineup builder lets you see your players' recent scoring averages. Remember, this figure can be distorted if your player hasn't been playing recently. Sorare Data also prove a 'Pick score' for each player in the upcoming game week. This is basically a ranking, from AAA to F, suggesting how good a choice your player could be. The Pick score takes into account player form as well as other factors such as scoring history, the team's matchup, match odds, and the projected lineup.

Who scores consistently?

Sorare Data's player page provides an excellent visual representation of a player's scores, just look for those red dots on the chart! Players like error-prone defenders who often score own goals or concede penalties and players who give the ball away a lot are ones to avoid. These players are more likely to ruin your game week line-ups and cost you the chance of a reward. 

What about fixture difficulty?

The lineup builder also has an 'opposition value' showing how players of the same position have scored against the upcoming opponent.

Is there a rotation risk?

Some players spend as much time on the treatment table as Jack Wilshere, others are randomly rested from time to time and a DNP can quickly sour your game week. Sorare Data has this covered, with their Community projections tool which displays the % likelihood of each player being a starter, sub or left out of the squad. A quick scan of the player page scores can also help you assess the chances of future DNPs. Be careful to check the game the player missed as well, sometimes players are ever present for their clubs but warm the bench for their national teams. PlaySharper is a handy free app with projected lineups from designated experts.

Should I play players from the same team?

You can stack your players defensively (e.g. G,D or G,D,D from the same club), offensively (M,F or M,M,F, or M,F,F) or even a larger stack of 4 or a complete stack of 5 players! The 'Stacks' section of the Sorare Data player page provides insight into which players score well at similar times to help you stack effectively.

Ready to join Sorare?

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